SVS Subwoofer Connection

The manual shows running one set of wires from the speaker level outputs on the amp to the speaker level inputs on the sub and another set of wires from the speaker level outputs on the amp to the speakers. Would it work and be safe to just run from the amp to the subs and jumper from the subs to the speakers?

The reason for this is to avoid another long and tedious speaker wire run.

Gear is PS Audio Stellar M700 amps, (2) SVS SB-100-Pro, and Magnepan LRS+.


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The wireless adapters are good for home theater but bad for two channel due to the time delay. KEF and JL Audio even say there is a time delay with their wireless connections. Bass is already slower than the highs. You will just delay it to much and might be running out of phase. 

You have to check to see if there isn't a high-pass filter on the speaker outputs of the subwoofer.  Sometimes they put a capacitor in series with the output to the speakers to limit bass to them.  This may be detrimental to sound quality if they didn't use the best quality capacitors.

I had the exact same question- I had been running separate speaker wires to my subs from my amp.

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The short answer is you can just jump from the speaker post to the sub. I know your specific query was sub to speaker, but pretty similar. I'd go from speaker to sub, as the only difference in your post.

I wanted to remove  24 foot runs of  wire and their susceptibility to RF, and and a general tidying up. It all worked out just fine...


I tried the wireless connection and the time lag was terrible.  If you're using it for HT the lag is so great it will not allow you to properly utilize any room correction software.  Knowing this, I would stay away from wireless even for 2 channel listening.