SUT help

Hello all,

I've combed the forums and pretty much every SUT thread either devolves into arguments of the merits for/against, or gets hyper specific. I'm assuming to properly match a SUT, it needs to be selected based on the cartridge AND phono pre-amp. Since I haven't found a thread about my specific I am.

I don't know a TON about SUTs, but I'd like to experiment to see if adding one will enhance my experience.

Currently, my cartridge is a Hana ML and my phono pre-amp is the Modwright PH 9.0XT. I may possibly move up to the Hana Umami Red in the nearish future, but the specs are fairly similar between that and the ML.

Hana ML specs: 0.4mv; 7 ohm/1khz
Hana Umami Red specs: 0.4mv; 6 ohm/1khz

Modwright PH 9.0xt - MM input is 52db gain, with option to lower -6 and -12 to 46db and 40db.

I currently use the MC input which offers 64db of gain (-6, -12). I've typically kept it at 64db and alternate between 100ohm and 250ohm for load impedance settings. The 470 is too much.


Not sure if its possible to have a SUT that would work well with both the ML and umami red, but if so, I'm all ears. If not and they each need specific ones, I'd be considering the ML first and foremost.

Any help is appreciated. I don't really have any clue how to determine what ratio is best and whether copper or silver pair better with these cartridges. I had EM/IA recommended to me in the past, but their pricing is well beyond what I'd like to spend on one (~$1500 or less, ideally?)


In my first post on this Thread I make known my perceptions of experiencing broad variety of different SUT's from Brands and Tranx Suppliers. I also add my perceptions of Head Amp's experienced as well.

Various Perceptions of Tonal Richness can easily be described variety of flavours or seasoning.

What I did not make known is that I can create a perception of immense Tonal Richness by using the MM Input on my Valve Input / Output Phon'. It is not in anyway preferred, but is as Tonal Rich as I would ever go near as an experience to be had.

I have experienced SUT's that can create a perception of TR that has surpassed the direct into the MM Input I can endure for short periods.

SUT's need to be experienced, to discover where ones TR tolerances are to be pressed on or where there is a TR that can be embraced and wanted to be maintained. 

Different SUTs apparently can sound different from one another, even when they are the same with respect to turns ratio (i.e., the amount of voltage gain added).  This can be due to the nature of the core material (the transformer wire is wound around a core; there are many different choices for core material, and I am not equipped to discuss them), the nature of the wire used (purity of copper or silver or silver plated copper), the input and output jacks per se, and the interconnects that must be added into the signal path in order to install a SUT.  If you think that's a virtue or that you can make it a virtue, go for it. I am sure a transformer manufacturer can list still more factors that affect SQ.

There is a pursuit for Transparency, I am familiar with that very pursuit, and got off the Bus, where I found the levels I like.

My selections of SUT and Head Amp' are tools that enable my selected levels of Tolerable Transparency to not be noticeably encroached upon.                                   For myself both perceptions locked onto, a very loose, slow to decay Bass, as well as the Perception of Crystalline Transparency are Detractors in equal measure.

It is also an interesting point, that the few individuals I know that created what I will refer to as a s Crystalline Transparency, spent quite a period of time attempting to discover a Rich Tone that could be added that was tolerable to themselves, enabling the periods of listening to be accepted for longer periods.

The individual on their pursuit for Transparency/Richness have to find their own unique place to get of the Bus when it comes to end sound being produced,

Too much Transparency can be well Too much Transparency, this is not a Goal in how a Audio End Sound is to be presented, it is a Idealism, a Fantastical Place.

Only a few promote the idea of Transparency, each individual should decide on their own interpretation through listening and deciding what is now  'Too much Transparency'

As Transparency is broadly described as a condition where unwanted residuals are processed and removed, as an attempt to keep the system as pure as possible.      The image might help with a visualisation of what can be classed by some as needing 'Further Transparency' maybe the Grey Connector is too much colour to be able to visualise for a few. Another Group, will view this Clarity as 'Too much Transparency' , maybe a little more opaqueness to the material will be welcomed, or the addition of a translucent veil might suffice, maybe some might not want to visualise it at all, and put something in place to screen it off.