Subwoofer for Wilson Cub

To all,

I am thinking of buying a Wilson Cub2 for my second hifi set. But as you know the Wilson Cub does not have a good bass. So I need to add a subwoofer.

Which subwoofer will fit the best. I mad already a selection:

1. Wilson Watch Dog. The best of course but at a price of 18000 euro in Europe (21500 US$) it cost almost as much as a Watt / Puppy.

2. Revel B15. This is a good sub and it is small. But will it work with the Cub.

3. Velodyne D15 or DD18. I heard this sub together with JM Lab Utopia and was not to impressed. A lot of bass but not so musical. Or was it setup wrong.

Please advise which sub will be the best choise.

REL is your other Choice for a fast sub, or even the Vandersteen subs (get a pair of the music ones) with the sensing speaker cables 3x8" woofers a side move fast enough and they respond at the same time your speakers do.
James makes some fast tight subs.

In the context of matching with Wilson Speakers only (Not intended to draw flames as I am a Velodyne owner also) Unfortunately Velodyne DD's aren't fast enough for music but great for Video.

Good Luck... but if only those three choices you have them listed in the order I would select 1)Wilson Watch Dog (I own one and use it with my WP7's) 2) lots of bass but not quite as fast 3) more bass but not as musical (I owne a Velo 18" in my video system and it rocks, plus the new correction system is awesome)
Hi. I use a REL StormIII with series 1 CUBs. The integration is seamless, and the sub is relatively discreet - have a look at the REL website for exact dimensions. Cheers, Rob.
Forget the sub, and take that extra $, and apply to a full range speaker, IE Watt/Pup, etc.
Try the big Maggie HRS 150 950 real watt's active power.
Servo controlled. These will eat the Rell alive.
Very quick and dry. Even the HRS 120 will do a great job