Streaming Assistance

I'm reaching out to the member's for some guidance on my plunge into streaming and storage....

I have several audio/video systems and 8 zones of Sonos connected.  5 zones are for smaller rooms and the 3 other ones are connected directly to a main system.  The whole house is ethernet ready and each of the 3 main rooms has a Luxul 8 port ethernet switch.  

In my main listening area I use a McIntosh MX160 with 2 McIntosh MC1.25KW amplifiers.  My main speakers are Martin Logan Renaissance 15a and are electrostatic.  I am currently playing my his res files through the front of my OPPO BDP-103 via a  1 TB portable drive.  By using this and the OPPO app I am able to see my files on my iPhone as well as my TV.  I primarily use Tidal for streaming my music (via Sonos) or through the OPPO but don't have access to all my music in all the rooms since I only have a couple OPPO's in the house and accessing it is not that easy on the portable hard drive.

For my main area my components are hidden away from the listening area and I use Control4 or an app on my iPhone.
I have just under 2,000 albums/cds/high res through various locations including a computer and my goal is to get everything saved in one area where it can all be accessed easily.  

So, here we do this I was looking to add the Roon Nucleus+ >5 Zone Server and the Synology DS918+ NAS Disk Stat. assembled with 4 x 4TB Hard Drives.  The thinking here is that I would be able to listen to any of my music anywhere in the house through Sonos; particularly my stored hi res files that are on the portable hard drive.  I understand that Sonos does not give me the best audio, yet it should improve the quality of what I am getting now since streaming from a portable hard drive is not that easy.  In the main area I was thinking of adding the Lumin T2 Network Music Player (Do I need this or should I downgrade to the D2 Lumin for about $2K less?)  I understand that this will not deliver music into any other room but the main area; however, when I am listening in this area it will be the highest quality. 

I have (primarily B&W 7.5 in wall units and B&W 6" ceiling speakers) in the other rooms where Sonos will be utilized with a Anthem amp, Niles amp, and Rotel amp)

I look forward to any upgrade or downgrade suggestions as I am clearly a novice in the streaming world.

Thanks in advance.

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I would look into Bluesound. The integrated DAC is good for the money, but you are able to output to a higher quality DAC should you want.
It should be an upgrade to the Sonos and Roon