Music Hall Maverick SACD burn in?Assistance

I recently purchased the Music Hall Maverick SACD. I'm looking for assistnace in how to "Burn In" properly?
Also anyone else have this player that could possible give me any insight to it's strengths weaknesses in play modes...
Last power cord recommendations...
Thanks in advnace for help.
Hi, Did you by any chance get the Underwood-modified version of the Maverick? It's said to be a nice improvement over the stock unit. I think it will run you around $900 after market though. If you have a pink noise CD or a test CD with a pink noise track, you can set it to repeat and just let it run for a few days. Letting a CD play for a few days, even if it isn't pink noise should do the job. You won't have to keep the rest of the system selected to that input, just the player has to know that its playing.
So far, in reasonable priced power cords, I like the Cardas Gold Reference and the Audience AC cord. I've also heard good things about the Silent Source cords from Walker. The Shunyata cords have a great rep. at a high price.