Streamer with AES3 Out and no DAC

Looking for a streamer with AES3 out, doesn't need a DAC and has a remote control. I have looked at Cocktail X50D and Lumin U1 mini ( no remote) but their new volume control by app looks interesting. Anything else in that price range around $2000 ? Thanks for any suggestions. 
Auralic's G1 has an MSRP of $2700, and Matrix Audio's Mini-I is relatively inexpensive (I'm not sure of the current price).

The Leedh volume algorithm is excellent and a significant improvement over the previous Lumin volume algorithm.
Sonnet (new brand from founder of Metrum) Hermes, but also uses apps for remote control. The Lumin Leedh voume control seems unique for streamer only devices.

There’s also the Soundaware D300; less of a known entity - distributed by the Denafripps distributor.

And the Simaudio Mind 2; with remote control!
Thanks for the suggestions the Mind 2 looks interesting. I looked at the Matrix site and none of them had AES3 out, they had balanced out. 
That’s alright I wish they did the Matrix were nice looking units. It looks like it’s down to Cocktail and Simaudio which have remotes and Lumin which has a great interface. I read the Simaudio moon app is terrible. The Cocktail you use a browser to control. Like usual nothing perfectly ticks all the boxes. The main thing is AES3 out and good volume control and app. 
djones, hows about an Apple mini with a usb to SPDIF and AES converter. Channel D's Pure Music has a stream through option which allows you to stream anything the computer can stream which I believe is just about everything. The computer can be run from any phone or pad.
I'm not sure but I think this would give you much more flexibility over any streamer. Pure Music is the program Michael Fremer uses if that means anything.  
I have a NUC with USB out but any conversion needs to be done with an impedance transformer per the speaker recommendation. The only flexibility I need is AES3 out and good streaming the less boxes  and cables the better.
The Aries G1 has the ability to program a universal remote of your choice to work with it.  I bought a new remote from Upscale for the previous Aries Femto and programmed it but hardly ever use it.
Thanks jackd good to know. I'm not sure how accurate or easy it is using sliding volume controls in an app which is why I was looking for one with a remote.
@djones51 another option is to get a high-quality converter, if another box isn't a problem. That would give you a lot more flexibility in the streamer, while still ending up with AES3 to your speakers. I recommend the MUTEC MC-6.
On an iPad using the software slider is not that difficult on a iPhone it could be tricky. Since I use a preamp the slider stays at 100. Upscale still has the remotes for $5.00.