Stein Music Maestro Lacquer

Has any one tried this product? See this review:
This makes no sense why would any one want to put lacquer on they're speaker driver's this will change their mass and FR and upset the balance in the crossover and probably void any warrantee what so ever stay away from this!
I tried it. Works for me. It doesn’t add any significant mass to drivers.
I understand that it’s generally applicable to change the resonance frequency of the device to which is applied. Caps, CD’s PCB’s, driver cones etc.
I found two interesting applications:

1. apply to base of tubes. Significant increase in impulse fidelity and clarity

2. apply to USB connector between streamer and DAC. Reduces vibration-borne interference of DA conversion, particularly resulting in less grain in the treble and better consistency of sound stage.

The application to speakers works on bass units to dampen unwanted resonance. On treble it is substantially riskier because the tweeter is more prone to seize up.

These are very desirable improvements, the lacquer is a true audiophile tweak.