Starting a second system, need efficient speaker suggestions.

Just picked up a Cary SLI80 HS and need some speakers.

The amp is 80 watts or 40 watts triode. Reviews say triode sounds best. Room is 12x26x7 dedicated listening room in the basement.

I have a couple subs, so if they don't have the deepest bass, I can live with that. 

Budget around 4k.



I'd suggest you speak with Clayton about any recommendations from him, and glad he'll be at Axpona. I'll be there on Sunday and speaking further with him as well.

I have found that they need to be pulled out into the room, they start dialing in at about 2 feet into the room....but prefer about 3 feet I believe. Also they sound best when they have about 2 feet from side walls. This is my first pair of open baffle, and it's been a slight learning curve....but what a revelation.

My current room is not ideal, but they still are the best speakers I've ever owned; by a good margin. I've put a review up here on Audiogon if you want to search, it's pretty detailed. Right now they are being driven by a CODA S5.5 amplifier, and the music is truly amazing......I have a review for the pairing as well on the CODA S5.5 thread.

With a couple subs and 4or 5k you could look at some used Reference 3a Reflectors. They disappear and dig deep.