Squeezebox+Power Supply+Reclocker or???

OK so I really like my Squeezebox Touch, put the Teddy Pardo power supply on it a year or so back and it does a fine job running into my Metrum Octave DAC.

Was seriously considering the new Wyred For Sound reclocker as a possible upgrade but was doing the math and I'm well over a grand for the 3 pieces with cables and I'm wondering if I'm nuts do go this route when there are other streamers available.

Is there something out there right now that I should be considering instead?


You will only be disappointed by the poor interfaces from the non-LMS devices out there.

Similar setup here: Touch + Pardo, but I have also done the EDO hack to output to my USB dac (Audio-gd Masster 7). I found it a little better than the BNC or RCA coax inputs. I would definitely try that first.

To be honest, I think even the Pardo is overkill when using the digital outputs. I only bought it to prevent noise being injected back into the mains from the Touch wallwart.
Audiojedi, You're not, if you like your DAC. Jitter is the only thing that affects the sound on digital side (assuming unprocessed, bit perfect files). Empirical Audio also makes reclocker but I don't know how it compares with W4S. I would use coax between reclocker and the DAC - as short as possible ( 1.5m cable. Toslink makes you a little more exposed to system noise because of slower edges, but you might experiment with both.
I'm in the same situation. I haven't found anything better than some squeezebox family member plus a reclocker for my needs. Right now that involves a Transporter feeding a Genesis Digital Lens and then a Theta Va DAC for redbook, then a direct connection between the Transporter to the Theta for highres.