Spendor speaker question ……

Hi guys,

Would appreciate some information on current production spendor speakers (bookshelves size similar to the harbeth shl5 or M30 series) that one can describe as mellow, a bit laid back, smooth and “old school” sounding or coming close to it. Also non current models I should look out for in the used market.

Thanks for your help. 



page through all the tabs under ’products’

they basically have two floor stander lines, a and d -- d higher grade sound than a, which is more for home theatre and lower budget buyers

then they have a classic line which are mostly standmounts, descendants from the spendors of old, the foundation on which the company success was built upon

the d series is distinctly more treble forward than the classic line, many critics feel too much so... the classic series have also had their high freq response juiced up over time as well, especially in the last two iterations, and i would not call them sleepy or rolled off anymore

i personally find the classic line speakers beautifully done, and sound well balanced imo with enough liveliness to their inherent fullness and richness of tone, and i definitely find the d series shrill and overdone up top

I’ve owned many Harbeths and Spendors. I now own the Harbrth Super HL5 Plus. I doubt that I will ever get the itch to replace them! Here is an interesting video on the comparison of Harbeth and Spendor!!