Speakers for my car

Years ago i installed MB Quart speakers in my car and really liked them. That car was sold years ago and looks like the company isnt making the same quality speakers anymore. Any recomendations for a good slightly warm sounding speaker for a car?
There is no best... I have done a thousand or so installs.  When building a home speaker, matching the driver to the box is critical,  spacing the drivers and a crossover that properly blends them etc... 
A car is no different. getting drivers that are right for your cavity,  i.e door panel, rear deck, dash,  kick panels.... it all matters... 
One of the best drivers I've ever used, I bought for $8... Aurasound 6 inch that had one of the smoothest 30 to 45 degree dispersion patterns out there.  If money is no object,  The Dynaudio is excellent speaker regardless of size,  well thought out on where and how they might fit.  I've used Focal with excellent results and terrible both. Some Focals have extremely low qts or limited Xmax.  This won't work if using much power. 
Oddly enough,  If you just go to the very top of the line models,  Old standard line Pioneer are always decent....Dyn will be better 90 percent of the time, but will cost significantly more 100 percent of the time. 
Not sure this helps

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