Speaker Slip Covers

Does anyone know where I can shop for slip covers (that's the best description I can think of calling them) for speakers?  I rescued 2 kittens about a year ago, and since then I have rearranged the stereo systems in 3 of my listening rooms.  So far (fingers crossed), they have shown no interest in my speaker grills.  However, as a retired Insurance Executive, I like to minimize my risks.  I recently bought a pair of KLH Model 5's, and I'm looking for a cover that would slip over the speakers when not being used -- think of a pillow case except designed for speakers.


I have searched online using several search parameters, but I've only found one site that lists covers for KLH Model 5's (you can get them in linen, cotton, or other fabrics).  I'm also wanting covers for a set of Polk Audio Model 10's and a set of Klipsch Forte II's.  I would appreciate any help on where others may have bought slip covers or what others have used to cover the speakers and protect them from pets, dust, etc.  Thanks in advance.




These guys are the best I've ever found.  All covers are custom made and will absolutely not scratch your gear and are very rugged.  I've got them for my Dali Epicon 8 speakers and my Luxman amplifier.


In the late 60s my JBL Dorian S12s needed protection from our cat. That was the days of clear vinyl sofa protectors. Ask your grandmother. 😊

I went to a local slipcover maker and had them make 2 flat bottom bags whose inside dimensions were just bigger than the speakers. Fit over the speakers upside down just fine. Protection from the cat but you could still see the speakers.

Hello allenf1963!  Look for King Sized pillow cases on sale. Glue heavy cardboard or metal plates to the inside front of them so you'll see any damage before it gets through to thr grilles.  Happ alistening!

Have bought 3 digital deck covers so far for turntables and a REVOX B77 RtR and couldn’t be happier.

I like the padded fabric but they have other choice.

Give ‘em a call.

Digital Deck Covers - Fabric

Go to Walmart and pickup fabric laundry bags with pull string. You can pull them right over the speakers and tie them. I use them over my Avalon Asendants.