Speaker Recommendations for Vintage Technics SU7300

My friend has a nice Technics SU7300 integrated and he’s looking for either a floorstander or bookshelf that might pair nicely? He’s currently looking at the Klipsch site as they have some deals.  I appreciate any advice from you all.


For a vintage amp I’d get speakers to match, the new version JBL’s or the new KLH. Depends on his budget of course and what type of music he likes. The Klispsch are also a nice match for that amp and will get loud with 40 watts, if he likes to rock out rather then lay Bach. 

Low line Klipsch speakers and an old low line integrated is not a combo for satisfying sound. I would get something a little soft on the top end. Silk dome tweeter maybe. Maybe a Cerwin-Vega SL-8.