Speaker engineering and design

Danny Ritchie from GR Research has been working with Ron Brenay (New Record Day) to create a weekly series of video podcasts discussing various aspects of speaker design. I think I saw these mentioned once before in another post, but I think these deserve a post of their own. 

Danny comes across as a very knowledgeable engineer who is passionate about great sound and helping others understand how to achieve it. I've really enjoyed watching these and thought there might be others interested as well. Here's a link to the playlist which I believe includes all the episodes. 

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What with that inane nitwit starting numerous threads in which he spreads disinformation and ludicrous opinions on the subject of loudspeaker design, I thought it appropriate to bring to the attention of all ya'll @jaytor's link from last year to a great source of accurate, detailed info on the subject. A free education, from a master loudspeaker designer.
for a well documented and transparent source of knowledge.  Danny dives deep at times and provides data along the way.  
its only one speaker designers opinions. Every designer thinks his method is best. 
These speaker “designers” and audio “engineers” know nothing really. Just out to rip us all off with decades old technology and fake design upgrades.

Knowing this to be true I set out to build my own speakers. I found some abandoned wood pallets behind the local 7/11 for cabinets and some surplus drive-in-movie car window speakers online for $10. I built my own fabulous custom speaker towers and could not be happier.

These homemade speakers are so transparent, musical and invisible. Its like The Archies are playing right in my living room...
its only one speaker designers opinions. Every designer thinks his method is best.

Oh bloody hell...

Since you think that good speaker designers', knowledge, methods, testing, etc, is so meaningless, and a scam, time for you to put up or shut up.

Put every high end speaker company out of business, and design and build something better.