Speaker Bullet Filters

Hi has anyone got firsthand experience of any of these Speaker Bullet Filters?

There are three types I'm aware of, Synergistic Research & Bybee which are connected in parallel and Less Loss which are connected in series.

Additionally there are various types of DIY capacitor options.

Thanking you in advance.

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I wanted to try the ones that a member here sells but after checking with Golden Ear, I was advised against it.  That is because the input on the speakers go directly to the bass amp and then to the crossover.  They said something about putting the amps into oscillation.  That may or may not be true but I don’t want to try as the only luck I have is bad luck. 

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I use Bybee golden goddess speaker bullets and the hash removal and cleaning up of attack and decay they contribute isn‘t small. Equally I use Stein Speakermatch, again with very strong benefit.

I use the big Bybee bullets that are attached between the speaker spade lugs and the speaker cable.  In my high efficiency system with low-powered tube amps, the bullets are a mixed bag.  They make the bass tighter and the rest of the range sounds clearer, but, at the expense of the sound becoming a bit more "dry" and analytical.  I keep them in my system because I find that they effect an improvement, on balance.  

Seems like there was a bit of a kerfuffle, sorry I missed it.

@fiesta75 Yes I've heard most of the Magicos in a very expensive demo rig. Unfortunately they are not for me. I prefer speakers made of wood with silk dome tweeters.

@stereo5 Seems like you have active speakers, bullets can't be used before or directly after an amp.

Anyone heard the Less Loss bullets they look very well made and seem to have new tech behind them.


Just the woofers are active, the rest not.  However, it will not work with my speakers, sigh.


I use the Bybee internal speaker bullet products in my Magneplanar MG20's, 2 power cables, and inside a power distributor that I built. To me they do a great deal of improvement in the reproduction of the atmosphere of a recording and in making the music sound more lifelike and natural.

I have Pauls Mundorf solution on my Speakers and it works wonderfully. Clean, quiet, detailed and expanded sound stage. Have about 175 hours on them and they get better every hour.

check them out. 


I do have the lessloss filters on Martin Logan Montis.

First they don’t degrade nothing on my system , they just bring cleaner and better medium and top end and better image .

I do have other lessloss products . They work hand in hand to remove all the unwanted electrical pollution from the musical signal . As a result music reproduction is more natural.

@jerryg123 @antigrunge2 Yes I think I'll give Paul's solution a try because they contain the Dueland Caps and are maybe a less costly alternative to the Stein Music Speaker Match which I understand to also be a capacitor solution.

@jma6 I really want to try the Less Loss Bullets they look really well made and employ separate conditioning for the right and left speaker wires but are costly.



Can‘t go wrong with Mundorf! In my case there is real synergy between the Stein capacitors and the Bybee Bullets