SoundSmith Counter Intuitive For VPI Arms

I stumbled upon this gizmo, and being the owner of a VPI Classic, was wondering if anyone has tried it out yet. For 50 bucks it appears to be an no brainer.

I checked it out. Add another $12 for shipping and your at $62. I don't see what adavantage this will give you. I guess, if your having a problem getting it right ......... I can think of many other places to lay down $62 .........

Here's a link . It's actually a clever tweak for JMW arms that provides repeatable fine tuning of both VTF and azimuth, without moving the main counterweight. It's like the (dirt cheap) O-rings I recommmend for arms without fine VTF, but it adds a scale for repeatability and provides azimuth control too. Looks pretty nifty to me.

If a user didn't hear or care about fine VTF and azimuth adjustments then this wouldn't be worthwhile, but JMW owners who do hear such differences might think it a bargain. What's $62 to enhance the performance and ease-of-use of a $2,000+ rig? Just 3%. Hard to imagine a more economical upgrade.
I received mine today. It works as advertised. Its much easier to make fine adjustment with.

I had removed the end slug on the arm as suggestion from another poster and felt it did sound more transparent without it but of course made fine adjustments of VTF all but impossible.

I also went and bought some rubber o-rings as another poster also recomended to adjust VTF without having to mess with azimuth at the same time. I found the rings I bought to help but were still far from ideal.

The Counter Intuitive is much better allowing much finer adjustment than the o-rings.

A no brainer for shure.
Zenieth, do you own a Classic or any uni-pivot arm? If not your post is pointless and irrelevant. I use Adjust+ to help set azimuth and anything that smooths the process and allows you to do it without affecting VTF is worth quite a bit. I am one of those for whom azimuth and phase angle between channels is the major factor in perceived separation and soundstage presentation. For the record, please list a few places $62. could be better spent than easing and refining setup, we will all look into them.
I read the caption too quickly...I do know what the counterintuitive is and for those that need it, it serves the purpose. I only set up my cartridge once and therefore would rather buy a ticket to a concert.
Here we go again...But seriously, what Doug said. The thing is well worth the money.