Sound Quality of Cables Used With Bluesound Node

Has any one used and/or compared sound quality using optical, coaxial and usb a to b cables on a Bluesound Node. What are the differences?


In my experience, coax is better than optical, and USB can be better than coax. But this is very system dependent. Some DAC's just sound better with one type of input compared to the others. So there is no hard rule here.

And to muddy the waters even more, the quality of the cable can effect the quality of the sound and change the order of things. Some USB cables may sound the same or not as good as a high quality coax, while others will sound better.


Similar experience as above. Node running into DA2 dac module on a McIntosh C2700 preamp. Optical was the worst. USB the best. The only way I can describe it as I went from optical to coax to USB is that each one presented more clarity, definition, and better soundstage over the other.

I prefer the coax connection, that being said though certain coax cables sound better than others. I am using Audioquest cinnamon and like it quite well.

Another vote for coax being best on the Node. Especially if you upgrade the power supply.

My DAC sounds the same across all inputs.  When I had the Node the optical was the best sounding output 

I prefer my Wireworld Supernova 6 optical over my coax DH-Labs D75 from my Node to my RME AD-2 DAC.