Sony SCD-1 Output option - Custom vs Standard

I took my Vacuum State modded Level 5+ Sony SCD-1 out of 10 year old storage and plugged it in last night. I am selling my office gear so I only had my bedroom integrated to test it with, the Peachtree Nova 150. I wanted to see if the SACD player was working on CD and SACD before I put it up for sale. Well everything is working and I realized I cannot sell this piece. Not only is it the most beautiful audio gear I have seen it is also extremely musical. It does not have the same resolution yet (maybe not warmed up yet) as ROON into the Peachtree DAC but it sounds so nice. I am going to get a Mark Levinson 585 integrated in the new year and the SCD-1 will be great with it.

My question is regarding the STANADRD option on the back of the unit. From the manual:

"About the Switch Marked "STANDARD" on the rear panel of the player The Super Audio CD includes high frequencies beyond the audible range, although the design of normal amplifiers and speakers is based on characteristics corresponding to the audible range. Therefore, if you increase the volume or treble excessively during Super Audio CD playback, noise may occur or the amplifier's protect circuit may be activated. To prevent these problems, set the switch at the rear of this player in accordance with the connected amplifier. This enables you to match the output signal to the amplifier characteristics"

"When you connect this player to the Preamplifier TA-E1 (not supplied) and the Power Amplifier TA-N1 (not supplied), remove the cover as illustrated below, and set the switch to "CUSTOM." The "CUSTOM" mode enables you to enjoy wider range of frequencies."

I was wondering if anyone with this player has used the CUSTOM option with the current crop of amplification. The warning above was for amp technology from 20 years ago. Are the new crop of amps able to handle this CUSTOM level of playback?
I had the SCD777ES which is the same player other than not having potted transformers. I ran mine in custom as I didn’t have tone controls at the time. My player is now being used as a door stop.
SCD-1 and SCD777ES have digital high pass digital filtering for SACD play back. The DSD64 is a very noisy format. They are 10 year old player. Their laser heads are very easy to go bad. But I like their turn table design. Add a good DAC and use the digital coaxial out.
@junzhang10  My player so far does not have the detail retrieval of the computer system I use (with microRendu). However, the SCD-1 sounds real nice and I am thoroughly enjoying the tunes. Hopefully I can get 10 more years of use. I think my mods are also making a big difference in the sound quality I am hearing today. I think my player with the mods were near state of the art in 2004ish time frame.