Sonore Rendu

I got my first Sonore rendu a few years ago. So I'm going by memory. I replaced an Audilab streamer. Along with the SonicTransporter, it was an upgrade to a new league. In concert with the Audiolab streamer, I had a device that promised to clean noise off the cat5 cables. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the device. After enjoying the rendu for a month or so, I contacted Andrew to see if I could trade up for the Opticalrendu as using the optical connection would eliminate any noise associated with cat5. Andrew agreed to give me full credit for the rendu for the trade up. With the opticalrendu, any digital hash or etch was wiped away. Really nice! Also with nice dynamics and very transparent.

Also, Andrew at Small Green Computer has provided excellent support by answering questions via email quickly.