Sonore OpticalRendu

Giving a shout out and recommendation to Small Green Computet and Andrew for the Sonore Optical Rendu. Great resolution and detail. Of course, pairs well with my SonicTramsporter i9 Optical Roon Core Server. They are a mainstay in my rig. What are your experiences?

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I love my SGC Sonictransporter with the Sonore microrendu. I plan to upgrade to the UltraRendu soon, maybe with the optical module.

2023 Editors’ Choice: Best Music Servers Under $10,000

Absolute Sound Jul 21st, 2023

Sonore UltraRendu Renderer

$999 (Sonore Linear Power Supply, $745 w/cable)

This unusual device takes files sent by an external server, which you must also provide, and plays, or renders, them, which means it converts digital music files in the usual variety of formats to a bitstream a DAC can handle; and that DAC, of course, must have a USB 2.0 input. It is compatible with PCM files up to 768kHz sampling rate and DSD512. The microRendu produced a significant improvement in transparency, detail resolution, spatiality, timbral realism, and overall sound quality. Note that you need to buy a separate power supply, like Sonore’s own at $695. VF, 280

They list the Sonore optical module too.

I think that the SGC Sonictransporter should have been on the list, because it is a server, whereas the Sonore is a streamer. SGC is a Sonore partner/dealer.



I had the opportunity to compare the following I2S combinations, both using same amplification, speakers, room, etc:

- Rockna Wavedream Signature Balanced + Wavedream Net

- PSAudio DSD Dac + Sonore Signature Rendu + Sonic Transporter I9 + Sonore Ultra Digital, running HQP and converting everything to DSD 256

While they are not similar in sound and, as such, fit different tastes and types of music, with Rockna being an R2R DAC and PSA being a 1 bit DAC, the Sonore system gives little to the Rockna combination. Rockna is overall more musical and rich sounding, perhaps somewhat soft at times, with thunderous bass, never tiring. Sonore combination may be better suited for acoustic music, or anytime detail is desired, perhaps somewhat dry, more analytical. Again, different voices for different tastes and different kinds of music.

For the money, the Sonore combination is hard to beat.

For the technically savvy user, the Sonore combination works, for the user desiring a plug an play solution, Rockna is rock solid - pun intended - and a first choice.

I ended up using both combinations, in two different systems, Rockna for the "big sound" system and Sonore for the near field listening on a smaller, more intimate system, accepting having to put up with the quirks of the sonicorbiter OS and HQP.

After 4 years of audio neurosis, I'm finally happy with my system.

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Even with a moderately priced USB and power supplies,the tone and micro detail are wonderful.


I also upgraded to the Sonic Transporter i5 and Optical Rendu 2 years ago.  The i5 serves as my Roon core.  I also use the upgraded power supply sold by Small Green Computer for the Rendu.  For the first time, I feel no need to upgrade my streaming system.  I can play with DACs all day long knowing that I have a very low noise and transparent setup for retrieving and sending music files.  Yes, it's a few more boxes and cables but they are very small.    Andrew is extremely helpful.   I have not had the first issue with this setup.    Highly recommended!

Although this review should qualify me for a software upgrade, I absolutely love this streaming system.   I was just too lazy to let others know before.


Never knew that the best place to store Roon was a streamer. I previously stored Roon in my mac mini. Thanks to Andrew's thorough explanation on this topic, I went and purchased Small Greens Computer's SystemOptique. It consists of a power supply, sonic transporter i5, ultra Rendu and ethernet media converter. Best decision I've made audio wise. Superb sound.

At Live Vibe Audio (fka Star Sound Technologies) we have use SGC/Sonore gear for years. Our reference system (setup in our Energy Room) has a Signature Rendu SE and sonicTransporter i9. We have experience with much more expensive methods for SSD file transfer and streaming and it does not reach the SGC/Sonore performance level. The differences are complete. There are no weak points and the post-sale service is timely and thorough. The service component is important with this type of equipment as networking and related issues can be confusing if you do not have sufficient experience. Optical is absolutely the way to go. We do use Roon however HQPlayer is installed and used for playback. Will also note the dedicated USB and power cable make a noticeable improvement.