Sonics on Cassandra Wilson New LP

Cassandra has a new album called "Loverly". Bought it on LP and was quite surprised how bad the sonics are. Has anyone else noticed this? Is the CD better. The performance on the album is great but can't be enjoyed on the LP.
Thanks for posting that she has a new album. I'll pick it up on CD(sold my turntable recently).

Usually her recordings are a bit bass heavy and have warm mids and soft treble.

When you say bad sonics on LP what do you mean?
In what way is it a bad recording?
Just read a couple of professional reviews, and the Amazon customer reviews on the CD.

No one complained about the sonics per se, but one of the professional reviews reported that the album was recorded during informal spontaneous sessions in a rented house in Mississippi. The BBC reviewer wrote "The Mississippi house feels so much a part of this recording that it deserves to be credited on the sleeve."

Maybe it's a matter of opinion whether the house contributes to or takes away from the overall sound of the recording. And maybe, for some technical reason, the recording environment adds to the CD but takes away from the LP.

Presently I have an all digital kit and will probably buy the CD. But I hope a good review of the LP comes along for your analogue folks.

Bad sonics meaning instruments are hard to hear and the overall band sound is lacking. Sounds like listening through a wall. I also have her album "Traveling Miles" on LP and put it on after listening to the new one and it sounded great.
I just picked up the CD. Briefly listened to 2 songs in the car and it does sound weird. Can't really point out what the problem is yet, but certainly not the best quality recording. Almost sounds like it was recorded in the bar or something. When I listen to it at home I'll know better.
OK I listened to the whole disc.

My initial impression is that this is her weakest effort so far.

As far as recording quality on CD it is 7-8 out of 10. Can't say it's horrible. Sounds OK on my home system. The sound is a bit bass heavy with somehow rolled off highs. but it's OK.

The music is what I pay most attention to. I mean it is definitely listenable, but it isn't interesting and it lacks soul. It wouldn't be fair to compare this CD with "New Moon Daughter" or "Traveling Miles" or even "Thunderbird" for that matter. It isn't on par with the older stuff. At some point I even felt like I wasted $14. But it's OK. I've bought CDs that were much worse than this one.

Just my opinion.
I love Cassandra Wilson and was ready to buy the LP when I realized it was only 1 LP rather than spread across 4 sides on 2 LPs. I am sure this is partly to blame for the poor sonics.
Decided to put "Belly of the Sun" on my hard drive today but couldn't find it. It is a family favorite and is probably long gone with one of my daughters. Anyway I bought another copy and played it in the car on the way home.

My favorite Cassandra Wilson album is still "New Moon Daughter" but "Belly of the Sun" is definitely second. It has an interesting mix of tracks and sounds wonderful.

BTW, a couple of years ago I googled "Wichita Lineman" and found many jazz covers of it. Well it does have a great ballad melody.

Anyway here's to Cassandra Wilson. Whether from a house in Mississippi or a studio in LA, let's hope she keeps turning out great records.