Solid State Stereo Amp for Herron VTSP 1A

I have a  Herron VTSP 1A that I am considering putting into my second system, any suggestions on a solid state power amp (don't want monos hence not entertaining Herron monos) 
Preamp specs
Output impedance100 Ohms nominal at 1 kHz
Input impedance100,000 ohms
The other components in my 2nd system are: Blue Circle DAC, Cambridge Transport, JM Reynaud Offrande Supremes V2, Silnote Audio ICs and DC, PCs. Ayon Spirit 2 integrated presently drives these. I am not looking to make this a complicated thread, just suggestions for a SS power amp for Herron. Txs
Facten did you have a budget in mind? Nice second system btw and those Offrandes are pretty tube friendly, so is there any particular reason for SS?

I am using the VTSP 3A into the Bryston 4B SST2 and am enjoying the results.


When I had the Offrandes in my main system I drove them first with the Ayon Spirit and then with Modwright LS100 & KWA 100SE separates. I felt that they benefited from the power of the KWA and I got the benefit I wanted from tubes via the LS100 pre. I bought the Herron on AGon as a backup and it has been sitting in a box so I have been  thinking of going the separates route in my second system as well with a mix of tube pre and ss power. (Side note; in my main system with Daedalus Argos V2s I switch every couple of weeks between the Modwright separates and a Line Magnetic 518ia 845 based tube integrated with all NOS tunes aside from the 845s).  Budget wise I am open but say $4K or less, can do more but given the lower amount of time that I listen to the second system want to keep it reasonable. 

Abnerjack - txs for info on what you use
well there are a ton of nice used SS amps listed in and below your price range if you want a Class A amp this Accuphase A20V looks like a great deal.

No affiliation with the seller just think Accuphase makes great sounding gear and would be good match. Good luck and happy listening!