SME M30 owners. Height gauge Q

For the SME 30, the height adjustment gauge, part number 1084, has two ends A and B.  Can anyone tell me what the heights of A and B actually are?  I know the similar part for the M20, part 1165, has just the one height (for suspension height) and is 3mm.
The thick end is for adjusting the height of the suspension towers, and the other end is to level the motor.
Yes, but do you/anyone know the mm values? My hunch is that end A, the suspension towers end, is 3mm, as it is on the M20, but I am not sure for certain.  And if that end is the 'thick' end of the gauge, my guess is that end B, for the motor height, would be 2 or perhaps 2.5 mm.
I’d have to dig out my box, but I’m pretty sure it says what the heights are in the manual. The tool just makes it a no brainer... the thin end is around 3mm and the fat end around 5-7 I’m pretty sure.