Small factor phono stage

I am putting together a small system for my second office.  Space is a bit of an issue.  Plan to listen to mainly vinyl ( no streaming ).

Looking for a small phono stage; one box ( ie no external power supply ), tube based preferably.  Price range 2-3 K.

Have an old Triode amplifier - to start with- but will likely upgrade down the road.



Is there a preference for which kind(s) of tube the stage uses? That would inform suggestions.

It’s not tube but the Nagra BPS is excellent and is very compact. I’ve not heard a phono stage reproduce instrument tone better than the BPS. 

Check out the Lejonklou Slipsik/Entity (mm/mc), very "tube like" sound, hard to beat for the price.

I don't know what look you are going for,  but the Tavish Designs Adiago is in your price range and a great phono stage. Good luck!