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Small factor phono stage
I don't know what look you are going for,  but the Tavish Designs Adiago is in your price range and a great phono stage. Good luck! Dan  
Amp — Leave on or turn off
Considering that the most common mode of failure in an electronic component is thermal fatigue from power cycles, I leave my system on most of the time. I turn it off for thunderstorms and if I will be away from home for an extended period of more... 
Tube Phonostage Causing Rumble and Noises
Do your tubes have tube dampers? It probably won't cure the problem you are having, but if the issue is microphonic tubes, damper rings may help. Another thing to look at. A friend of mine had a terrible noise issue with his phono stage. It was l... 
Robert Plant
I too, love the music of Led Zeppelin. Like others, I eventually drifted away to other music. It is unfortunate that their music wasn't mastered better. For as much as I love the music, I get frustrated with the blurry soundstage. It's like everyt... 
Help me select few vinyl LPs
I like diskogs, because I can find near mint or mint vinyl of albums that are not "current" pressings. I  usually source new releases from Amazon. I suggest that your friend considers using diskogs to catalog what he purchases. It makes it a lot e... 
Best Digital USB cables under $ 300.00 ??
Check out Wireworld Starlight. Great performing cables for not a lot of money. I like the earlier DH labs recommendation, too.  
Best Receiver?
It's interesting that you ask this question, because I am questioning why I have a receiver with all of the streaming options available today. If you really like a particular radio station, you can stream it, too.  I have a vintage rig with a Fis... 
For those of you who had spent over hundred thousand dollars for your sound system.
I suspect that the Uber wealthy entrust component selection to the "experts" and don't care how much it costs, so long as the well paid experts make sure it works optimally, and is something that the owner can brag about to their Uber wealthy asso... 
Turntable advice
Plan on spending some money on record cleaning equipment! A carbon fiber brush at a minimum. Without it, you won't be able to enjoy the music without the distraction of clicks and pops.  
Acoustic Guitar on Vinyl
Stephen Stills, Live album One side is all acoustic guitar and the other is electric. Both sides are packed with great music.