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Small factor phono stage
It’s not tube but the Nagra BPS is excellent and is very compact. I’ve not heard a phono stage reproduce instrument tone better than the BPS.   
Looking for a great phono pre-amp in the $1000 or less range
I’ve owned a Sutherland insight, moon lp110 and IFi iPhono3 black label in that price range. The moon lp110 was a while ago so I don’t remember a lot about it to be honest, but it was the least impressive of the ones I’ve owned. The Sutherland was... 
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
Moon also supports Tidal connect now  
Eversolo dmp A6 vs Master edition vs Z8
Jjss49, any initial thoughts vs those other units? I have an optical rendu and have considered all of those other units as potential replacements.  
Best Phono Preamp mm/mc under $3500.00 used
+1 for the Herron. I currently run a Nagra BPS which I love. It reproduces instrument tone better than anything else I’ve heard. In that price range a Manley Chinook SE would also be a must audition.  
Accuphase E5000 vs Gryphon Diablo 300
At this price level you have a lot of very good options. Gryphon, Accuphase, Vitus, Boulder, Pass, T+A, Manley, Line Magnetic, BAT, just to name a few.   Given youre talking ‘end game’, the most important thing (in my opinion) for long term satis... 
Phono Stage upgrade to complement Dohmann Helix One Mk 2
Mark Döhmann runs Nirvana Sound in Australia, as well as having his own website. You could reach out to him and discuss. I’ve spoken to him about phono stage and cartridge recommendations in the past. He’s really responsive and a wealth of knowled...