Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz

I just about worked out what speakers to buy for the living room when the wife changed her mind from floor standers to stand mount speakers. She saw a set of B&W 805's on their dedicated stands and that was it.

Not wanting to cave in for pure aesthetics, I need to know what else to consider for a small (16" or less tall) bookshelf speaker that will allow me to reach the bottom range of a bass guitar with solidity. Please no speakers that do 50 or 60 hz and then crap out; that won't fit the bill. Price is anything up to $3000 new with stands. Nice looking matching stands are a major plus as this is the living room.

Since I haven't bought the amp yet don't worry about synergy but if you have suitable integrated recommendations that won't be above $1500 or so used I'm all ears. Many thanks.
You should also check out the Silverline monitors. The SR-15 and SR-16s both reach 40HZ and are a little less than $2K new. The SR-17s go even lower. I recently purchased a pair of the SR-15s and am enjoying them quite a bit. God luck with your search.
I have to second the Dynaudio 1.3SE's. I have heard soooo many speakers that claim 40hz or lower and they seem to disapoint. I bought a pair of 1.3SE's and then sold them going on a search for a new monitor or floorstander. Two years later, I rebought the 1.3SE's. If you have more cash the Special 25's are fantastic, but you really need some great outboard to support them. I think between the Focus 140, S1.4 and the 1.3SE....... the 1.3SE is a freakin bargin! Oh, and not to mention, you gotta love the size! (I have owned the S1.4 as well as hearing the 140's at a local dealer)
Silverline sr-16 or sr-17 - believe it was speaker of the year or something like that a few years ago. Best bookshelves I've heard & great bass.
the test specs and the reality on loudspeakers are truly different things....just go by the way they sound to you, in your room.
if you can negotiate a bit on the monitor vs. floorstander issue, Totem Arros at 5"*7"*34" go down to 40Hz, disappear like no other, can be placed anywhere and are less intrusive than any monitor-stand I can think of with this kind of freq response....and at $1,000 a pair in gorgeous real veneer finish, that leaves you plenty of cash for a decent tube amp or hybrid and flowers for Ze Lady of Ze House. If she sees a pair in person, she will be sold...I know no female that can resist to a pair of Arro, look and sound.