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Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
Silverline sr-16 or sr-17 - believe it was speaker of the year or something like that a few years ago. Best bookshelves I've heard & great bass. 
Looking for a bookshelf at 2k or less.....
On the vr-1 front, I may be in the minority, but I was incredibly bored with these using both class D and tube amps. Sounded fine, with decent detail, just bland. Would certainly take the rare Alon mini that popped up here a few days ago over the ... 
Help I have a radio in my tweeter
I've also had this problem.... and the guy who sold me my speakers/cables had it too. Some ers cloth wrapped around any exposed connectors helped a bit. This problem is a real pain - you have my sympathy. 
Dussun vs Qinpu vs.Jungson vs.Onkyo A-9555 Amps
Wasn't there a $400 Jungson that won some awards? Does anyone know what happened to it? 
cheap coax
Thanks for the suggestions guys - both sound like good options.Arni - the monarchy seems like a good solution, but there aren't any used ones at the moment. Is there an alternative? 
1K used, full range and decent looking
Thanks Tvad, just read a arro review, and yeah, you're definitly right. Some bookshelves I just sold had a related peerless drive, quite impressive for the size.One more potential choice for anyone who's finding this useful - Energy RC50 - on sale... 
1K used, full range and decent looking
Thanks for the replies, very helpful. Let me complicate this even more....Using a Dared mp-5 as a source (15 wpc) am I going to get away without a sub? (not anticipating playing organ recording on this of course) Compressing the dac and amp into o... 
1K used, full range and decent looking
also came up with the odyssey nightingales and...Bohlender Z7 - but where can you get these? 
VR-1 vs Usher s520
I'll up the ante - I was also considering the B&W dm603 or some small monitor audio floorstanders - anyone heard these in comparison? 
best wireless distribution?
also this linksys seems to be a nice cheap options if you don't need an interface on the device one tried it here? 
best wireless distribution?
thanks for the replies - any idea how much difference will there be w/ external dac vs sqeezebox for 128 kps vbr mp3's in some vr-1's? Thanks.also, a simple question I can't find precisely answered in the reviews - can you stream music to this wit... 
best wireless distribution?
I'd like to second this - what's the best way (in my case for  
tri-wiring w/ Canare 4s11
Thanks Sean - that's exactly what's going to be done. 
Panasonic sa-xr55
in terms of using the xr55 DACSource: Emu 0404Cables: Monoprice coaxial, Black Orpheus to highs, plain 12 gauge to bassSpeakers: Decware Radial 1.5Break-in ~ 100 hoursThese observations may not generalize given the rather unique speakers I was usi... 
FLAC, WAV, RAW, AIFF Download Sites?
allofmp3 has a lot of format choices - far more, and generally of higher quality in non-mp3 form, than you will find with bittorent, frostwire etc.