Simaudio I3 or I5...

I have recently purchased a pair of Totem Sttaf...Even with my Denon 2106 I love them !!!I have the dealer selling these 2 demo amps that he has had in the store since new...opinions please.....I have read many great things about both and am certain these would do a great job. He is a 3 hr drive away so demoing them myself is hard. In cdn $$$ I3--1800....I5--2000...hard to find these selling where i live used, so i know they may be high in price.Thanks
IMO, depends on what type of music you listen to. If rock is heavy in your rotation then go with the I-3 if not, the I-5 is best choice. Good luck.
I had a pair of Model 1 Signatures in a bedroom system (room size 9x12x8) with both an I-3 and I-5. The I-5 was a much better sound. The Sttaf's are more efficient than the Model 1 Sigs. If your room isn't too large the I-5 should sound great.
I bought the I-5 last tuesday and got a $200 break on the price. The dealer shipped it to me (by Greyhound ), and payed for the shipping ($17). I bought my Sttafs from him a few months ago and the two are a great match (by my ears). Im hearing things that i didnt really notice before...A nice pieace of kit for sure...the I-5. thanks