Shunyata Hydra Triton mains filter

I have a PS Audio Dectet Power Center, and my cables are Shunyata Research Black Mamba Helix CX...
I have the opportunity to buy a Shunyata Hydra Triton v1 mains filter for 2000€
I live in the Azores, here there is no possibility to listen or test equipment, so I ask for your opinion...
Here we have to buy (based on opinions) and then listen. I have no idea what improvement my system can have with including Shunyata Hydra Triton mains filter...
Should I buy the Hydra Triton and later upgrade the powers cables, or buy two Shunyata Alpha NR power cables pretty much the same (1800€) 

My system:
Audio Research REF 5SE
Manley Steelhead
Audio Research REF 75SE
Pass Labs XA30.8

Thank you in advance for your opinions

Hi Paulo,
I felt lucky to have found the two chassis Triton/Typhon which originally sold for $18K for $4500. A major transformation of my system. Think I have about the best power short of fully dedicated AC line. And think it is beyond that.
If you have a chance to get a Triton get it. How much do they want?
Shunyata is the cutting edge of power.
Many years ago I went wit a Triton / Typhoon set up and it transformed my system.  A major transformation also.   Hard to describe but it  made the sound stage bigger and background quieter.

Wonder how the T/T compares to the new Everest wt the $8Kk power cord? Hard to imagine anything better.
Hey guys,
As I said before I have no experience with Triton nor have I ever heard the effect on a system.
Based on what I have read and your experience, I decided to buy a Triton v1 and I am already in negotiations. It will cost 2000€ around 2400usd
Thank you very much
Greetings from the Azores