Should I keep Naim Uniti Nova as streamer/dac or trade for a new streamer/dac

Hi guys
I had been using Naim uniti nova as all in one and they very good to excellent. No complaints what so ever. I am more addicted to class A musicality and have just purchased luxman 590axii. That is the only reason, else my nova is still excellent sounding and still love it. I only stream tidal and Qobuz with roon. I don’t use vinyl or CD. Now I am thinking whether to keep nova as streamer/dac or buy a new, possibly better streamer/dac. I was thinking Mytek Manhattan 11, lumin s1 or Aurender a10 (budget < 5k new or used: or any of above for nova trade in). Unfortunately Aurender a10 does not support roon. I am huge roon fan and have their life time subscription. Of course, I will see how nova-luxman combo sounds. Let me know what you guys think. 
What did you end up with? There's a post on usmart the owner mentioned that the Nova sounds better than Luxman-590AXII for him. I thought that's odd as have read nothing but amazing on the 590.
I sold nova longtime back. I never mentioned nova sounded better than luxman 590. No way: luxman 590 is different level compared to nova. All I said was for the price with all features, nova sounded good. I also mentioned in that post that instead of selling them, I could have placed in my “secondary system”.

Recently, I sold luxman 590 and went for separates for my primary/ main system. I got audia flight strumento no.4 mk2 and VAC preamp. 
Thanks for the response. I never said "you said" Nova sounds better. It was someone's else post. Sorry for the confusion.
no worries. There is always preference in sound quality. For me, Luxman 590 was much better.