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Wilson Sabrina X ... oh my God! and Jadis... or?
@newton which principal was this as I tried it for 3 weeks and returned. Didn't have enough meat. Mimas is much better.   
Wilson Sabrina X ... oh my God! and Jadis... or?
@superelmar You could find, used to be one, an used Mimas for around 6k. I would not get the DAC card if you'll buy it new. I use Weiss DAC w my setup. The Mimas seems underrated among forums.  If you look at wifi shows, like the one recently in M... 
Wilson Sabrina X ... oh my God! and Jadis... or?
@superelmar I'm very happy w Aesthetix Mimas and Sabrina X. Aesthetix Mimas new is a few thousands cheaper than Jadis. The pre section is tube.  
In Wall Speakers recommendations
I have Focal inceiling 100 icw6 for surround in a 5.1.4 setup and am very happy. My 2 rears are cheapo Dayton 10" or 8" I don't remember.  I'm sitting 6ft away and movie like Dune or others I could hear the wind whistles or gun fires in the back. ... 
DAC that compete with EMM M3 and playback design m6
@markmuse interesting.  Goldensound also has a decent review of T+A vs another one 1/2 the price and find the latter has deeper stage and better layers   
How good is good enough?
  markalarsen 603 posts 12-14-2023 at 07:45pm  Good enough is when you are emotionally involved with the music.    ^^^ This. @markalarsen I actually am looking to downgrade. I'm sure there are speakers out there that costs half the price S... 
New- HiFi ROSE RS130 Ultimate Network Transport
I owned both 250b and 150. Sold both. While it has a nice screen and able to stream YouTube, the sound is meh. The IanCanada kit, which I still own, will fair better, no glares when listening to Nat King Cole The very thought of you. Also while I'... 
Am I broken? Am I stuck? Do I have to return my audiophile card now?
@bigfatpaulie we have the same speakers. I also have the RME ADI-2 BE Pro. I did a blind test w my daughter and wife with the Weiss 501 DAC. They could easily point out the Weiss every time. It's on-sale used on tmraudio for 6kish. I can't imagine... 
How good is Aesthetix audio?
@hiendmmoe Dunno about Eclipse but I have the Mimas driving SabrinaX.  I listen to it on the weekends to the point that my daughter asked my wife if anything wrong w me as I was on my couch all day.  Comparing w Dagostino integrated, Progression ... 
List some of your favorite live Jazz recordings
The Ray Brown Trio - Live at the Loa Summer Wind  
Made the Move and Not looking back!
@jeffseight are you sure Aurender won't adopt Roon? See this thread here, scroll down to Willy response https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/music-server-advice    
Made the Move and Not looking back!
Lol at all the comments Roon changes how it sounds. It's bit perfect. The folks at Grimm even tested it. If you use dsp then I'm sorry.   
Music Server Advice
@in_shore Could you share your secret sauce that beats out Evo 432 Aeon? From what I gather home brewed solution doesn't have the custom software as 432, Grimm and others do.   
My thoughts on the HiFi Rose 150B
You re not doing anything wrong, as far as how it sounds is concerned. I tried both the 250 and 150. It's meh to me. A few folks on here enjoy it due to the fact that you couldn stream from Youtube, and IIRC, Amazon as well. But is it much better ... 
Dynaudio Heritage + Gold Note IS-1000 Deluxe
@grislybutter I had the tdai3400. You could look up my sold ad on usmart. Even with RoomPerfect or whatever the name is, it won't sound as sweet and natural as Aesthetix Mimas.  The bass of the Lyngdorf doesn't sound natural to my ears. That's af...