SET amp for high efficiency horn speaker

SET amp for high efficiency horn speaker :

My speakers are highly sensitive (110 db), and I would like recommended & proven reliable SET amp, which are also quiet.
What is your price range and what SET's have you heard before?

What were your impressions of them?

And what are your musical preferences?
Check out the reviews of the Art Audio PX25. It has the midrange of a 2A3 with added frequency extension and dynamics. Very highly recommended for very high efficiency speakers.

Blessings, Bob
I listen to jazz and classic music
SET that I heard before with different speakers are
CARY, ASL, Wavelength and more
I can pay $ if that would make best sound at reasonable sound
As Inhisservice has mentioned above, the Art Audio PX-25 is right in the running for one of the greatest mid-power SETs commercially available. I just sold mine after 2-3 years of complete joy due to space limitations in my new apartment.

As one pro reviewer put it(approxiamtely) - "they recreate instruments, space, as if lit from within".

You can find them here on the used market for $2,700-$3,700.
Also take a look at the hand built Deja Vu Audio SET and PP amps in both 300B and 2A3/45 configuration, which come up on Audigon occasionally. Those built around vintage Chicago and Acrosound output transformers are quite amazing.
yamamoto 45,wavac md300b, jeff kornef 45 SET,art px25,cyrus brenneman cavalier,FI 2a3 mono blocks. Depending on your loudspeakers design these should work well I used them on my hi-eff horn riggs. Still some horns can be a bit harder to drive any info on your horns would help with suggestions. Mine are also 109 db 1 watt 8 ohms so easy load for SET which they are designed to use.
Which loudspeakers are you using? I ask this because I own 3 pairs of highly sensitive speakers but lower than 110 DB. The reason I ask is that the smallest amp I use with my most efficient speakers (104 DB) is a Mac with 50 wpc. I use vintage amps with "36 watts" per sidewith Vintage JBLs that are 102 DB/W/M. -In quotes because this figure has been questioned. In any event a highly sensitive speaker need not be driven by a low power SET. The opposite is true you cant drive low sensitivty speaker with a low output SET. The extra head room is surprisingly very compatible with high efficiency speakers and yields a richer tone and body to the sound. Flea power is said to be purer but I think it just sounds thin. SET amps with a single power tube are not all low power. Some give you that rich sound with the minimalistic signal pathway, just pick amongst the suggetions. If you like 300Bs you can get them in a paralel push pull circuit which delivers 18wpc. In any event be sure the trannies are very substantial your power supply is critical.

I've owned 104 db sensitive and now own 107 db sensitive horn loudspeakers for the past 8 years. In that time, I've owned or demoed the following amps that were exceptional with them: Art Audio PX-25, Wyetech Sapphires, Cyrus Brenneman Cavalier Plus, and Audiopax Model 88. The Wyetech Sapphires and Cyrus Brenneman Cavalier Plus were/are the most reliable out of the bunch and are very quiet. Audiopax Model 88 was very quiet as well. I had irritating noise issues with the PX-25 that was never resolved. I've heard negative things about Audiopax's customer service and repair times. In addition, Audiopax's prices skyrocketed and as of late seemed to have disappeared from high-end audio.
In any event a highly sensitive speaker need not be driven by a low power SET.
I think (the famous)Paul Klipsch preferred to show his 100+ dB hi-eff horns with amps of 20wpc or more for similar reasons as you cite.
I second the KR audio amps...definitely one of the quietest amplifiers on the market. When I state no noise, I mean absolutely no noise from the speakers..even with an ear on the driver. It is the quietest amplifier I've experienced at home or any where else for that matter.