selling Pass designed F5 Turbo, DIY built

I went to list this amp I built for sale, but no models came up. Is there an Audiogon policy against DIY built amps? I wouldn't be surprised... thanks!



Try stating it as a " Pass Design F5 Turbo ". And in the description, you can discuss the DIY nature, an opinion of the amp, what you like, and why you are selling it ( needing the money. as example ). Hope it helps

No, there is not a policy that I know of. Disclosure is a good idea, tell your potential customer what you did. If there is a return policy, or not. State weather you can ship it and where. State your payment options. Good pics tell a story a 3" thick novel can't.. Take pics of you packing it and at the drop off, on the scale. 

Note. Pack it like it's coming back to YOU not THEM.. That is the trick in packing..

The sale is only final if the customer receives what they pay for. What they received may not be what you shipped.. Pack it well.. If it moves in a box, it's WRONG.. :-)




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there have been other diy amps for sale on here and wasn’t an issue listing them.

don’t see why this one would be any different.