Selah MF7 vs Madisound Loki

Both of these speakers use the Seas T18RE/XFCTV2 (H1333) Coaxial Speaker, although from what I understand the crossover is somewhat different between the two. Was wondering if anyone has heard either or both of these speakers and can comment on how they sound. I'm thinking about adding one or the other to my tube based system and was wondering about the sonic differences between the two.
Chances are better that someone at htguide in the mission possible section would have heard these two designs. At least more so than someone on audiogon. You may want to try your luck their. Also the parts express board and the madisound forum would be good places to ask the same question.
And the Selah forum on AudioCircle. I have Selah Audio speakers, but have not heard the MF7. I'd venture a guess that Rick's crossover would be superior?