Seeking wisdom the forum | Shunyata Venom vs WyWires Platinum vs Less Loss C-MARC Prime

Hello community and power cable aficionados. My currently power cord linup:

 - Shunyata Research Venom X EF > Oppo BDP105D Universal Disc player 

-.WyWires Silver Series Digital Juice II > Naim nDAC 

‐ Shunyata Research Delta NR v1 > Teddy Pardo XPS linear power supply 

- Shunyata Research Alfa EF > Supernait 3 Integrated Amplifier 

I'm using a Teddy Pardo XPS linear power cable on the Naim nDAC powering the Analog section of the nDAC. 

I'm using a Teddy Pardo TeddyCap SE powering the preamp section of the Supernait 3. Cabling for the power supplies are designed by Pardo. Furutech FI-50 Rhodium, Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Connectors. $375. bucks per connection. 

I may be on the verge to move away from Shunyata Research so any and all feedback is welcomed. 








I’m not able to compare brands, but I noticed a major improvement in my system when I paired Shunyata NR with their power conditioner. I also saw an improvement moving up from Venom, but that said, I still have Venom NR feeding my subs. I have streamer, DAC, phono preamp, integrated amp and two subs plugged into six independent outlets capable of drawing 30 amps momentarily on each circuit. I believe that these power components are critical to the performance of my system.

Owned Shunyata Sidewinders, then went to Kimber PK10 Golds which on my system and ears were an improvement. Later went to WyWires Silver and Platinum Juice II PC’s and very happy with them. Own all three variants from the standard, to HC and Digital types. Great power cords for the money, especially on the used market. Been moving my IC’s and speaker cables from WyWires to Nordost but probably stay with WyWires PC’s. I do own one Valhalla 2 PC which is definitely better than the Platinum PC but the WyWire holds its own very well and was a lot less money. If you’re looking to move up I’d consider the Platinum Series.


I use a WyWires Silver Juice II Digital PC on my Teddy Pardo, and all digital devices as well. Platinums HC’s on power amps and Silver Standard and HC and preamp and other components. 

Thanks for your contribution to the thread.

I had been using the Shunyata Research Alfa EF on the Supernait 3 but today it has been retired by the Audio Envy Mega. The Mega offers greater velocity of signal transfer, better transient response and speed, without lag. It’s more honest to the source. The Mega projects holographic imaging and a larger soundstage. It lets more information slip through for a more relaxed listening experience. The Alpha EF sounds thick, slow and veiled by comparison.

I recently had a conversation with Alex Svetisky of WyWires and after the call I was convinced that the Platinum Series power cords are the sweet spot in the line. Very favorably reviewed online, and the Platinum Series cables are currently 40% off.

Regarding Shunyata research power cables. There's no denying that they make some of the best products in the industry. I had been cautioned about using Shunyata without using their Power Conditioning systems. All of the information I've studied is that they perform very well together. 

hi , i'm not sure if posting here regarding Wywires is appropriate ? 

Has anyone ordered from Wywires recently ? Did the owner or any representative provide prompt replies? i had paid for 2 power cables , Alex promised that he would complete soon as he was delayed by some personal issues. That was about 2 weeks ago. i recently emailed him again on Sun and he haven't reply since. 

i'm worrying about his condition.  

Thanks for any info.  regards,


Happened to me and he was out on vacation and got back to me when he returned. Good service.