Seattle, WA

For the last 3 years I've been an acoustical consultant helping design, correct and identify solutions for Seattle home owners.

A member of your club, I that I did some work for, thought your club might be interested in how I work, ways to improve performance (or noise isloation) of rooms or just ask questions at one of your meetings.

I have my own one-man company, Sound Progression @, and I'm Definitive Audio's in-house consultant.

Dean Gainer
Hi, Dean:

I'm a "regular" here on A-gon, and I belong to the Pacific NW Audio Society. Some of our members might be interested in your services, so why don't you contact me by E-mail or phone. If you will send me a private message through my A-gon user name, I'll respond back with my contact info. Look under my A-gon user name "Sdcampbell" to send me a note.

Best regards,

Scott C-
Dean we look forward to having you speak at the club on the second Thursday of March 3/10/2005. If anyone in the area needs info about the club our Web sight is; www/
At our Feb meeting we will Feature "The Ultimate Monitor" speaker system with Rowland Amps
Jerry, President of
Pacific Northweat Audio Society