Say She She

Anyone else getting into this group of out NYC. I have only heard 2 songs but they were both really good.

Say She She



yyz. Watched and listened to the video " Forget Me Not ". Interesting. Go Brooklyn !

They have a second song out on the radio now. That one is also really good. I am looking forward to their album release.

Listening to the live performance on KCRW radio today. The album is released today or tomorrow. I have goosebumps listening to these ladies. Sort of like Chic meets the Bee Gees.

Say She She serves up a discodelic trip through space-time, live from Apogee Studio (



Just listened to the whole album. Found it underwhelming. A shame they did not put the 4 or 5 singles they released earlier this year on the album.

While listening to Say She She, I discovered through ROON Radio a cool funk album canned Ultra/Sound - IgG Band. These guys did this one album then they all became medical doctors. It is on my ROON library.