San Francisco Bay Area Audio Society

The San Francisco Bay Area Audio Society was formed in 1995, holds periodic events, and publishes a bi-monthly newsletter. Contact Dennis Davis for membership information.
There are several events hosted by SF BAAS. Dennis & the gang have been doing a great job pulling in manufacturers and local audio retailers in demoing products. There have also been several member-led discussion/learing forums on specific topics. We also host "system-hop" about twice a year where voluteered members open their door to allow other members to audition their systems and exchange ideas. This is a great resource for audiophiles in the Bay Area to exchange ideas, solicit help, and socialize with other Audiophiles. We are always looking for new ideas for events and volunteers to help organize new events! Please contact Dennis for more info.

Are you guys still there? I see last response was 2 years ago !!!

Abe Tong
from Foster City
Anybody still out there?? Has the CA economy hit the Audiophile enthusiast as well??

Fremont, CA
I had a recent email exchange with the Club president in which he told me that it was likely the Club had just had its last meeting before disbanding. I have heard nothing from the Club since then, so I assume it went ahead and disbanded. If anyone knows otherwise, it would be great to see information posted here.
Hi, last I heard it was still hanging on by a thread. If you want me to forward an email on I can. I think the group has gone informal though.
Despite the rumors, BAAS had a few activities in the last year, but kept a low key in general.
There are some changes to how the organization runs, including a new president. Dennis and manuel are still part of the organization, but after many years of service to the audiophile community in this area, they felt that other people should shoulder some of the effort.
Our membership includes people with passion to all types of music, from Classical to Jazz and Rock. We have a few talented audio designers too. But most members are just average people that happened to love music and are passionate about sound reproduction that is done right!
And we have a new web page:
If you live in the Bay Area and would like to share your hobby with other enthusiasts, you will find BAAS a good place to start!!!
For the past two years, I have been involved with a group called BAAA (Bay Area Audio Asylum). The group all started in March 2002 when 5 inmates from the Audio Asylum discussion forum decided to get together one Friday evening. Although all five of us have very different music taste, we had a great time and decided we would like to get together more often. We then invited our other audiophile friends, and other people we've met along the way. Our group has grown to about 45 members scattered around the Bay Area. Some have moved away, but still keep in touch with daily discussions via Yahoo!Group e-mails. The group is very active, we have get-togethers of various sizes every few weeks or so. People have formed very strong friendships. The get-togethers are always enjoyable. There's always food, wine, and music. The atmosphere is very informal. Our spouses and significant others join us at these get-togethers often as well. There's even a Christmas party! We've just had two shoot-outs focusing on several brands of factory and modified SACD players this past few weeks. Somebody's hosting a BBQ over the Memorial weekend. Other past activites included tour of KCSM 91.1FM and Fantasy Records. The group demographics is very diversified. Some people are more technical savvy than others, but we all help each other out from setting up new cartridges to tuning listening rooms to helping someone pick up an LP from Amoebas, etc.

We are not organized like most Audiophile groups in that We don't have dues and a leadership group. Most of the time, somebody just volunteers to host a big party, and announces it via the Yahoo!Group e-mails, or just call somebody. The group is fairly small, so everybody knows everyone else on first name basis. What makes this group successful, in my opinion, is the strong friendships that people have formed with one another, and the relaxed atmosphere of the gatherings. (Less focus on equipment, but more on music) I'm always learning about new music from somebody in the group that I find interesting.

This posting is outdated. Current information on BAAS, the Bay Area Audiophile Societey, may be found at
So whats going on with the audiophile groups (BAAA and BAAS) here in the Bay Area these days?

I've made a few deals with some local Audiogoners and kept in touch with them. It would be cool to hear some of my gear on different systems, and dont mind hosting some shootouts.

Any links or emails would be appreciated.