Sagging power plugs in wall outlet, diy

Does anyone have any diy advice on how to support heavy power plugs that sag from the wall outlet? I have Shunyata cords and I also have Shunyata's SR-Z1 outlet. However the power plugs still sag. Shunyata sells the Cable Cradle, which is the perfect fix, but I feel like there must be some diy alternative. 



I first cut the coupling down from 1-1/2" to 1-1/8". Reason for making it shorter is for plugging the plug in, but more importantly, unplugging the plug from the receptacle. Therein not pulling on the cord to help with unplugging it.. It gives the user 3/8" more of the plug body to grasp when unplugging it. There is still plenty of the cup to support the plug body. 3/8" may not sound like much but 3/8" makes a difference when trying to unplug the plug from an outlet like the Audioquest NRG duplex outlet. My Son gave me one a couple of years ago. It’s a pain in butt to pull a plug out of the duplex outlet. I’m not sure how how easy it would be to unplug a plug from the NRG if it was installed in tight place like behind an equipment stand.

As for using two uncut couplings... That wouldn’t work... I think the single cup support will support the plugs of two cords. When plugging in two Furutech plugs into a duplex outlet the bodies of the two plugs touch, rest, against one another.

The glue I used to fasting the cup to the duplex plate I used some GORILLA Super Glue I already had. I let it dry for 24 hours before applying pressure on the cup. Applying a lot of downward pressure it held with no problem. If I was to make another plug support unit I would buy a two part epoxy glue for plastic/PVC. Just an added note. I sanded, scuffed, the finish off the duplex plate real good where the Cup would be glued to the plate. That’s a must no matter what glue you use. For a better word you need to establish a "saw tooth" in the area of the plate the cup will be glued to. I also lightly scuffed up the side of the cup I cut off with the Miter Saw blade. FYI I used a piece of 120 grit sand paper on a flat surface. I then placed the cut edge of the cup on the sand paper, keeping the cup firmly flat against the sand paper while scuffing the edge of the cup. Point is you don’t want to round either side of the cup edges.



Sounds like a great idea.

If the floor doesn't hold the support you made, you would have bigger problems to worry about.

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I installed my outlets with the ground at the top, which helps support the cable.


Thanks for this explanation. The connector housing is something I hadn't thought about and you're absolutely right. I might try this. Can you send a photo if possible?