RRL Showed up at my door yesterday....

I just received my Record Research Labs Deep and Super vinyl wash. (I have only used the wash with my VPI brush and 16.5 so far-- I am waiting for my DD brushes.)

Right off I liked the way that the wash really appears (visually) to get into the grooves much more than the VPI fluid I have been using.

Now comes the cleaning test, Stevie Nicks Belladonna is much quieter and I want to say smoother -- I guess that's the word I am looking for.

On to Eva Cassidy -- (the Steve Hoffman copy of Songbird.) All I can say IS OH MY GOD. about the record and about the RRL fluid.

Needless to say, there is NO need for me to look any further I am SOLD on the RRL products!

Come on DD brushes-- get here! (here's a plug for www.diamondgroove.com)-- the owner is a really great guy to work with-- super friendly, and actually answers E-mails in a timely manner! Now if only the Canadian Post were a little quicker to the west coast....

I will be spending a lot of time listening to Lp's today!!!!

Happy Listening and a great day to all,

Squeaky Clean Focusedfx
I, too, put my noisy, used vinyl to the test, and the RRLs stuff really works better than the nitty gritty and DD fluids, in my system, with my vac, and my vinyl. Glad you like your RRLs fluids!
Glad you finally cleaned up your act! Enjoy.

You might try carbon fiber brushes while waiting for your DD's. They work nearly as well as the DD's with RRL fluids, and either one is miles ahead of the Last brushes or anything else I've tried. OTOH my Audioquest brushess do shed a CF once in a while. If my vac doesn't pick it up my stylus will - yikes!
I ordered my DD Brushes from Diamondgroove, give them a call @ 1-877-DGROOVE

As far as cleaning up my act-- I still think there is lots work to be done :) but me rekkids is gonna be clean--

I've got to disagree with Doug this time. I like the Last brushes better. They just seem to work well for me.

Also, one thing I have learned is that on old shitty-looking records, after using the Groovmaster and sink, is that the VPI brush and fluid works pretty good.

I only do this to records that are really nasty. While I usually wont buy them, occasionally some pinhead on ebay will "exaggerate" an lp's condition. So, I VPI them before using the RR stuff. It's kind of soapy, and I'd never use it for a final clean, but it does seem to help.

So, Fx, just wanted to toss this out there to further help you clean up your act!
I'm with Joe on this one. The LAST brushes are very effective, in my experience, and have a couple of ancillary benefits. They are relatively cheap so if one gets "boogered", like getting oil or something greasy on the fibers by mistake, you pitch it out. Not so comfortably done with a DD brush. Also, since they are cheap, one is not tempted to "get the very least mile" out a particular brush, thus risking cross-contamination and/or damage.
Thanks Joe ---

But I am tooo busy listening to music today :)---

Whats your latest project? I followed your Teres build in awe.

I love this forum --- it is so laid back, and high end!

my best to the knowledgeable, friendly folks that reside here! (that means you TWL, DougDeacon -- and the rest.)

Happy listening

Well, I certainly don't want to become the NEW brush Nazi! ;-) If you've tried both and prefer the Last, fine. I only know that, having tried both the Last brushes and the DD ones, the DD's work substantially better for me.

I do still use the Last brushes, for the first RRL Deep Clean on notably soiled records. I follow up with a Deep(er) Clean using DD brush #1. This keeps the DD brush from getting soiled too quickly. Since the DD pads are replaceable and I have plenty of spares, I'm not really worried about contamination. It's easily prevented.

As usual, YBMV.
Yeah, no argument here, only the personal preferences of a cheapskate. Whatever works us all makes me happiest. Now, if they would just clean themselves........
I'm with Yanx on this one. I recently switched to the Last brushes and have the same results as I did with DD brushes. It's the fluid that cleans the record, IMO, and RRL is the best.

I don't want to become the latest Brush Nazi, either. I felt compelled to share my belief that the fluid is much more important than the brush.

"No fluid? No brushes for one year. Next!"

I've got two new projects going now.

First is a two-armed Teres made out of red coconut palm, and whatever other woods I think go with it. Once I heard about the two-armed 340, I gots to have something similar.

Second is a new rack.

I bought some 1" x 72" threaded rod, with associted nuts & washers. The only prob with the rod is it's chrome. I wanted to do a copper finished rod with maple shelves. Still playing with finishes.

One idea I'm throwing around is using copper sheet over granite for the top shelf. No emi, and I think it would set off this TT nicely. But I kinda want the rack to disappear. Can't have it taking the TT's well deserved attention!

The only other thing I'm really trying to get done is installing the VTAF of the Teres. That should be done this week. I know I've been saying that for 3 weeks, but look how long it took to get the HiFi mod done! And Paul's mod was only bending a paperclip.

So, this post has absoluetly nothing to do with the thread, but you asked. The other 2 TT's I started are gathering dust for the moment. Someday soon....


"When the going gets wierd, the wierd turn pro"

Your new rack seems similar to the Salamander Archetype or the DIY one on TNT, right? Do you have any ideas for making it more rigid? I've heard the Salmander tends to sway in the breeze, maybe better for a Linn than a Teres.

Two arm 340 in red coconut palm? Sounds yummy.

Back on topic (slightly). Maybe I'm using the Last brushes wrong. You're meant to hold onto the soft side and squeegy the RRL across the record with the plastic edge - right?

Time for a new thread on racks. I'll get on it now.

Plastic on plastic. You finally figured it out!!! The contours are there to get the deionized RO distilled Himalayan water off of the edge.



Sounds really cool --but weren't you the guy that went into the Teres thing with a $2k limit in mind :) Red coconut palm sounds like a real interesting wood, have never seen any.

I am only teasin' with you 'cause I know what it's like! AA opened a "tape forum' and damn if it didn't get me to thinking about adding a reel to reel back into the system ~! Well I just HAD to buy one that I have wanted for years... it's on the way!

I have some really great copper alternatives as far as copper sheet goes, it is lexan based and it is really neat stuff... if you are interested in info let me know.

In order to not let this thread get way off course, my Disc Doctor brushes showed up Saturday!! I love them!!! and the RRL products are sooo good I used the rest of the VPI fluid to make cocktails with a splash of lp9 and a twist :)

Happy Listening everyone!


I know what you mean! I saw that and the Audio Note kit forum. What the hell are they trying to do to us!

I've got real copper sheet - great rf/emi rejector. I started a new post, but it got so long I didn't put it up. Maybe tomorrow.

I got hom tonight and cleaned my new 4 Men with Beards copy of "The Electrifying Eddie Harris". I tried just using the VPI brush/fluid then RRL Vinyl wash. Left out the Super just to see what happenned. Sounds good so far, but tomorow I'll clean it right and see what happens.

You never know....