Rowland Concerto or BAT VK-300/SE

I'm toying with the idea of getting a new integrated amp, I just want change and these are the two that are on the top of my list, though I am open to other suggestions. I am currently using a DK VS1 mk II with upgraded tubes and my speakers are Von Schweikert VR4 Jr mkII, though I plan to upgrade to VR4 Sr mkII or VR5se's after I move. I've owned both Rowland and Bat equipment in the past and liked them both, but my system was very different at the time and I'm curious what other people think. My preference is more toward the warm side, but not syrupy or too warm, just on the warm side of neutral. I use an Exemplar modified 3910 as my source, I listen to music and watch movies with this system. What are your thoughts?
I replaced my Moon I-7 with NEODIO 150 intergrated and was completely floored by the result.I use it to drive an Acoustic Zen Adagio and thought that the synergy was astounding.prior to that i audiotioned Karan intergrated and liked it too,but they NEODIO was just more 'tube-like'.The moon was just too aggresive for my liking..
I have a BAT VK-300 with tube option and use it with VR-4jrs. I also listen to music and use it for movies. It delivers full body sound that's detailed without brightness. Until recently I had a bass problem in my 19' x 13' room but with some room treatment in the corners this combo has become my ideal. I haven't heard BAT VK-300SE but some have described it being fatiguing in some systems. Just my 2 cents.
No comment on the Rowland? That was my number one choice, with the Bat as number 2. By the way thanks Stubby, I had heard the same thing about the SE model and was leaning more towards a standard tube output model.
I cannot comment on the Rowland. However, I have happily lived with the BAT SE for nearly 3 years. There is no fatigue in my system. As always, system matching is important. I am using aerial speakers and cardas cable and if anything my system is too smooth!