Roon Nucleus internet connection

So, Roon says to only connect broadband to Ethernet port on the Nucleus.  I only have WiFi and my modem is too far away.  I am using a Google mesh system.  The remote mesh transmitter has an ethernet port.  Does anyone have experience using the Ethernet output from google mesh to connect to the Roon Nucleus Ethernet port??   

I want to pull the trigger on the Nucleus, but only if it will work this way...

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before you plunk down Nucleus money I suggest you check out the Small Green Computer website....I use an I5 as a roon great and higher processing speed than the Nucleus....and costs significantly less also
Yes the LAN output from your Google Mesh Satellite will work wired to the Nucleus or to the SonicTransporter that @tuberist mentions above (and to other similar options).