Room Acoustic Treatment

I have a 12'W & 14'D room for my toys. Does anyone know where to find info on the net about acoustic treatment? Thanks very much
ahtung,, also the corning web site. Hope this helps.
See,191900,192000,,7,50,,#t2 for a bunch of different manufacturers.
If you are the "do it yourself" type, let me breifly tell you about some of the acoustic treatment materials that I have used in my listening room. All of the materials were purchased at a marine supply store in Seattle, WA, and they ship worldwide, although you may be able to find comparable material elsewhere. The store, an outlet for HamiltonJet, has a Web site: On the home page, you will see an icon for acoustic materials. The materials that HamiltonJet sells are intended for use in marine engine rooms, so you can bet they stand up. I have used the DexDamp constrained layer damping sheets; the Sonolead blankets (comprised of acoustic fiberglass with a vinyl damping barrier in the middle); and the 2" thick acoustic foam blankets that have a silver foil outside layer which also acts as a constrained layer. I recently built several baffles that have proven very effective in controlling bass resonances in my listening room. I made them with a sheet of 1/4" masonite peg board (cut into 2'x4' rectangles), to which I secured 3 sheets of DexDamp. I then sprayed each with an adhesive bonding spray, and applied the Sonolead blanket. Finally, I covered each baffle in an attractive cloth. I made two 2'x4' baffles for a total cost of about $115. Look at the various materials available from HamiltonJet in Seattle, and use your imagination. You can make your own stuff and save a lot of money.
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I was pleasantly surprised by vicoustic products. Worth a look, I'm now using them.
So many manufacturers... Try ASC (Acoustical Sciences Corp), RPG Acoustic Systems, Real Traps, and GIK Acoustics in addition to above  for a start. Also, Google "diy acoustic room treatment " if you're handy.

The hard part isn't finding where to buy the stuff, but learning how to use it  You can use the "trial and error" method, or get something like REW (Room EQ Wizard) software and work on it a little more systematically.  Oh, and if your room isn't vaguely symmetrical, and is used for other things, it's a lot harder to get it just right. It'll still be an improvement.

 I too have bought fromVicoustic . I bought a carton of DC2 diffusers. Big difference. 

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But in case he didn’t, GIK.



The biggest difference will come from proper speaker and subs placement, once you have that dialed to perfection, then use treatment. Despite claims from many acoustic panel manufacturers, treating anything below 45Hz becomes impractical because the depth needed for each panel, and if you have the space to put these 10-12 inch deep panels then you are killing your music. 2 subs or 3 or 4... and will do wanders to your sound. I use REW and a $100 calibrated microphone and in 2 days I got as flat of SLP as you could ever want, my living-music-room is also a mess, windows, vaulted ceilings, skylights, L shaped, fireplace and the hole house is made out of wood, wood floor that floats and plaster walls. Just the house is a resonator LOL. I will try to post some pictures again so I can illustrate what I am saying. I had a sound engineer to see my room, he brought these beatifull bass traps the size of couches ($3k US each) after I sent him my initial measurements. If the traps would have done anything good to the room I would have considered them, but they did not even touch my room modes, an sucked the life out of my sound. I bought first a second sub, and after a day and a half playing around with REW, listening the different positions literally the room became like a symphony hall. Nothing short of amazing. The best $100 investment I ever made, in my rooms in Spain I paid a sound engineer to do this and we spent days fine tunning, after he left I was nothing short of amazed. I learned a lot and when I was in the USA last I had a ton of free time so I tried it myself. Easy as it can be, just patience, time and notes after each ready and listening.

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