Rochester NY

      Any Audio guys willing to get together, maybe for lunch, shoot the breeze, talk…….Audio :0)
Regrettably, I’m not in your area.  I’m in TN, but I like what you did here.   I’ve wanted to do the same thing, but I procrastinate saying I’ll do it later.  

Hope it works out really well for you.

Because you are in Rochester, I can’t resist asking if you are aware of Clearwave speakers based right there.  And if so, have you visited their facility/Heard their products.  I’ve been intrigued a long time.  Forefront audio is loosely affiliated with them, if you’ve ever visited FF audio.  I’ve talked with Lance (the owner) a few times.  Seems like a good guy.
I live in RI, but I would be interested in making the drive.  I am friends with a couple in the Rochester area, so I could meet up with them as well.  If you get a few people together, drop me a PM. 
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If anyone is traveling in my area I would be happy to host a few cats for some listening.

I have both modified horns and electrostatics with some nice front end gear and a dedicated room for listening.

I am in upstate right outside Saratoga Springs - Glens Falls

Cheers Steelhead