Risks in using my 2 channel speakers for 5.1

This may have been answered may times, I apologize, could not find it with a search.

Are there risks with using the same speakers for 2 channel and 5.1 channel? There would be two separate amplification systems. Banana plugs from the 2 channel, spades from the 5.1, into the same speaker terminals.

While I would not intentionally have both amps on at the same time, it could happen. Can my Meadowlark Blue Herron 2's handle that? My 2 channel amp is an Art Audio 20w Jota SET. I have not bought a 5.1 yet.

Thanks for the help.

Yes that would be a bad idea. It would likely damage an amplifier.

If you are using the Tom Evans Vibe as a preamp I don't think that you can do exactly what you are attempting to do.

What you will need is either a stereo preamp with "home theater pass through" or one that you can easily find unity gain on. This means that one input on the stereo preamp will be connected to the left and right channel outputs of a preamp processor (or preouts from suround sound receiver).

It looks like youhave a really nice music set-up. It may be worth while to simply do two seprate systems. HT is not that demanding and you could probably spend half of what your music rig cost and be blown away. DVD sound quality is not that good (though HD-DVD/Blu-ray should be markedly better). Your system is likely resolving enough to bring out the so-so sound quality of those DVD's.

Good luck!
How about this:

Run the low level out from the front channel of your HT processor/receiver into an input (Tuner/DVD/AUX) of your two channel pre amplifier. Run the output of the 2 channel pre amp to the power amp that feeds your front speakers.

When you want to run HT switch the 2 channel system to the input you fed the output of the HT fronts. The 2 channel pre will have your HT system as one input and you can add your turntable/CD/DAC ... etc for 2 channel audio. It adds a little signal path to the HT system but it's probably not that much sonic degradation. I just added a tubed pre with HT bypass in the front of my HT system and it's nothing short of incredible. In fact - thatÂ’s what the whole HT/Bypass is for ... the only advantage is my system has no added signal path.

In addition I ran the digital out of my DVD transport into the HT processor and the analog to the 2 channel system (my DVD allows switching between outputs) so I can run one transport on the two systems. It showed me just how good the 2 channel system is ... and it's incredible. I can still enjoy movies on the HT system with the same unit.

You can maybe sell the two amps and get an upgrade .... or if you really love the 2 channel amp consider a solid 2 channel soundstage like the Modwright SWL 9.0. (with HT bypass) Dan Wright has made me a tube lover for life ... I cant put it into words but I posted a month ago because I was unhappy with my HT sound. I ended up reading the reviews of the SWL 9.0 and thought I would give it a try. I'm hooked!

My system has been reborn and it's like I got 2000 new CD's to listen to! The best part is I dont have to have 2 systems ... it works, and I suggest you give it a try.