Reynaud Bliss Jubile vs Cantabile Jubile

Has anyone here heard the latest iterations of these two soeakers and can describe the differences. I've read Bob Neill's write-up of these two on his website, but the descriptions are a bit hard for me to grasp, perhaps not specific enough for me. They're also written by someone who is trying to sell them. I'd like to hear from those who might not have as much of stake in the game. Bob does think the Cantabile is the better speaker, but is it a small improvement or a significant one? 


It's also hard to find reviews on these. There are a couple out the, but not comparing to each other. 


Thanks for any insights here. 



I did replace the Grover Huffman silver speaker wire with the Monster Cable. It's definitely toned down the heightened top end. It's not as precise in the midrange as the Grover Huffman nor as fast, but it's not bad either. I might try to see if I can borrow some other cables to try in my system.

Depending on the vintage the Sylvania 6 volt tubes can be pretty forward and could have much more affect than  changing out speaker cables.  Mullard's would of course tone it down but expensive.  An alternative to them are Matsushita for less. Andy at Vintage Tube Services has them in stock. One speaker cable that will help tone the top end down for not a lot of money is the Dueland 12 gauge dual cable from Parts Connexion.  Add the connectors of your choice or as they recommend use bare wire. It's what I use with the Abscisse Jubile after trying four others.  Glad you found out that tilting them worked. 



i have a pair of cables made of those exact wires with klei banana ends.  my fave cable for most scenarios.  think they'd be too smooth with older reynauds i had but never tried the newer ones.  could be a good match.

sylvania tubes to me does emphasize the highs a bit.  rca is more balanced and ge is a bit smoother. 

Yeah they might have been a bit much for Reynaud's from the Twins and Trente era but do just fine with the Abscisse and Bliss Jubilee.  

RCA's too a good suggestion but not the Clear Tops as they are a different bred to my ears from the Black Plates which are a bit more. 

Now that I've had the Monster Cable speaker cables in my system for a bit, I think they're certainly a better fit. There's still a bit of top end to be toned down. The thing with trying speaker wire is that I can't use standard lengths as I need 12' or so at the least. I don't want to just purchase cables and be stuck with them.


Regarding the Sylvanias, Andy had actually recommended them, but I suppose it's worth trying something else. At least he has a return policy with his tubes.