Restoration / upgrading a Thorens TD165

I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area and want to restore and upgrade my Thorens TD165. Does anybody know of a local source If could use? If not local I will ship it. So who would you recommend?
Check out the guy under the turntables listings who is selling a TD-160. He always advertises "Bold Restorations" and is located somewhere in PA. Can't personally vouch for him, but he's been advertising on AG for quite a while. Good luck.
I just bought a TD 125 long base Thorens restoration from Dave at Vinyl Nirvana. Wonderful. Gorgeous looking and playing. He is easy to talk to, and of course very knowledgable about Thorens and AR. I bought an ARXL from him a few years ago, and enjoyed it tremendously until I traded up to this magnificent Thorens.
Give him a shout. He's in New Hampshire, but he shipped my table to Texas without a hitch. Just google Vinyl Nirvana.
Best of luck!