Resonessence Mirrus DAC and SDXC Cards

After a lot of research online comparing the Sony, PSAudio DS, and Mirrus I have decided to go with the Mirrus. I have listened to the Sony and the Mirrus, but not the PS Audio DS. I would love to explore the DS but the financially smart move is the Mirrus. I also think the Mirrus was better than the Sony.

The deciding factor was the SDXC cards slot on the Mirrus. Now that SanDisk has a 512GB SDXC card coming out I can fit all my music on this one card. I currently have about 400GB and growing.

I wanted to ask here if people with the Mirrus can comment on the experience of using the SDXC interface. Especially with cards over 256GB. Is it easy to navigate the playlist with the Apple Remote? What are the negative usability issues you have experienced?

I do know that the SQ is excellent via the cards. No cables, no computer or dedicated music server.
I would talk to robert spence of affirm audio in Plano texas. He has been extremely helpful in assisting me with understanding and using my Resonessence Mirus dac. He can tell you how to load the cards and he also sells the product as well. He will tell you how to get the best quality of sound using this product. It is also easy to navigate to albums and songs on the sdxc cards using the simple interface and the apple remote that it come with.
Thanks the owner of Resonessence put me in touch with a Mirrus DAC owner and we had an email chat about the SDXC cards and the GUI via the apple remote. Main takeaway was the SDXC input sounds the best (makes sense) and that the GUI is OK, not as good as JRiver but there is no computer or music server to deal with.

There are SDXC cards for $100 at 256GB. Two of those cards can hold my entire collect, thought the thought of the 512 GB card is what I would buy if I can stomach the $700 cost.

I will definitely be buying this DAC