Resistors burned on Sonic Frontiers amp

Have someone had problems with resistors burned on Sonic Frontiers Power serie?
Piero Italy
Sorry,but the different language don't help me.
What you intend for"a power tube goes cherry"?
For your experience how time is power tubes life on Power serie?
this is the resistor in the bias point? if yes,you are not supposed to adjust the bias correctly.check the value of this resistance and change will affect your sure to use the same brand.
I had SF power 2 and the shorted/bad power tube cause the 10 ohm, 2 watts resistor burnt.
When a power tube shorts out on a SF amp it will most often take out a resistor and a fuse. Subsequently you cannot bias the amp until you replace the resistor. Its happened to me 3 times in 10 years - Now I only use rugged tubes (SED's).